Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Autumn in the Country

We finally have some fall color (and fog) around here, even as temperatures climbed into the 80s yesterday.

I have no doubt that one good rain and wind storm will strip the trees bare, so we need to enjoy the fleeting moment while it lasts.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Bouchercon 2016--Part 3

Saturday morning, I attended another fun panel. This one was on spying and included my pal John Lawton.

I was so excited for my Pittsburgh Sisters in Crime Mary "Liz Milliron" Sutton and Paula Smith for making it into Blood on the Bayou, the Bouchercon anthology, I couldn't wait for the signing. I know how hard they've worked and it's great to see that hard work rewarded.

I had to rush from the anthology signing to my own panel.

The Henery Press gang met for drinks in the very crowded and very loud bar.

Then I headed down the street to my friend Ellen Byron's new book launch party. That's me and Eleanor Jones helping with promotion.

And for me, that wrapped up my New Orleans experience. I retreated to my room to pack for my early flight home.

Thanks to everyone who worked so tirelessly to put this convention together. It was a blast!

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Bouchercon 2016--Part 2

Friday at Bouchercon started with more beignets and another fun panel.

My pals, the Wicked Cozies held a get-together. Always great to hang out with this gang.

Then Martha, Susan, and I took off into the sweltering French Quarter for a long walk. I do mean sweltering. I think New Orleans may have been the place to inspire tattooed makeup, because the normal stuff melts off in minutes. We won't talk about my hair. Anyway, we had a great walk in spite of the muggies.

Loved this vintage clothing store!

I've seen this place on NCIS: New Orleans!

Susan Thibadeau snapping photos of the riverboat.

This street performer was fabulous, but he would have gotten a better donation had he not yelled at me for not putting my money in the can quickly enough.

Martha along the Mississippi River.

Heading back to the hotel, of course a trio of crime writers would spot a police vehicle!

To be continued...

Friday, October 07, 2016

Bouchercon 2016--Part 1

It's been a busy month. My trip to New Orleans for Bouchercon, library tour, various appointments and meetings... So yes, I'm late with my NOLA recap, but here are some of my photos and memories from the Big Easy.

Wednesday was my travel day. Had to stop and grab a picture of one of the Pittsburgh Airport statues: the Immaculate Reception with Franco Harris.

My sister in crime and critique partner Mary Sutton a.k.a. Liz Milliron and her hubby were on the same flight. Nice to have travel buddies.

The flights were smooth and on time. Here's my less-than-spectacular view from my room, but at least I was at the end of a hall, so it was quiet. This became more important as the week went along.

We went for a short stroll around the narrow streets of the French Quarter.

On Thursday, Bouchercon officially began. I had my first beignets for breakfast with Kaye Barley and Dave Magayna. Yummy! Great company too! Then it was time to take in some panels.

That's Kaye, the photographer, being photographed while photographing the panel.

The book room was awesome.

With a Vengeance sighting.

Did I mention Mary Sutton a.k.a Liz Milliron has a short story in Blood on the Bayou, the Bouchercon anthology? She got her hands on the book for the first time Thursday morning, I was there to share the moment and the squeals and to get some pictures.

Thursday afternoon, my room mate, Martha Reed, arrived. First stop was the Bourbon House with Susan Thibadeau and Martha. I discovered...I LIKE bourbon!

  I already knew I liked creme brulee.

Another panel, this one with another sister in crime, Rebecca Drake (second from right) who is also part of the Writing Pittsburgh tour I'm on.

We rounded up a few close friends for dinner at the Creole House.

Opening ceremonies wrapped up the evening...for me.

The parties went on into the wee hours for others. But this gal crashed. The joys of jet lag.

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Countdown to Bouchercon--ONE WEEK

In one week from right now, I'll be at the airport, making my way through the security line.

I haven't started packing yet, although I've been giving it a lot of thought. Yesterday I got my hair touched up and my nails done, so I'll look more like an author and less like someone who sits at a computer all day in her pajamas, with her hair in a ponytail.

Umm... Okay. No comment.

Anyhow, I'm looking back at last year's Bouchercon at Raleigh, NC, and realize, I have very few photos. My critique buddy, Mary Sutton, who was also there, posted a look back yesterday on her blog, and she didn't have much photographic evidence either.

However, here is a photo of our panel, which was moderated by the phenomenal Janet Reid (not pictured--ever.) I feel short.

 And here is me in the bar with a chocolate martini (see my post about Bouchercon in Cleveland to read about my love of chocolate martinis).

There was ONE moments NOT captured on film that will remain forever engraved in my memory: My frequent travel buddy Martha Reed's expression as she attempted to eat okra. It was classic. With a cloth napkin covering the lower half of her face, her eyes said it all. Hint: if you ever run into her, you should NOT ask if she wants okra with her meal.

Besides the okra though, the food was incredible. And inexpensive! Maybe that's why we took so few photos. We were always in one of the restaurants stuffing our faces!

Which may also be the case next week in New Orleans. But I'll try to at least take pictures. Especially if Martha attempts okra again.