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Goodreads Giveaway for Circle of Influence is LIVE!

The link is on the right! Good luck!

Goodreads Giveaway!

I'm attempting to set up a Goodreads Giveaway for an ARC of Circle of Influence. The button to enter is on the right, but as I post this, it isn't active yet. I hope to figure out why ASAP, so keep trying. My technical ineptitude is showing.

Guest Blogging today at West of Mars

I'm at West of Mars today talking about my short story "Sweet Deadly Lies" from Lucky Charms. Stop in and check it out.


They’re here!
We had some wicked weather recently that played havoc with a lot of shipping schedules. While I knew my ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) were on their way, I had no clue when they would arrive. Patience may be a virtue, but it isn’t one of mine.
Friday, the box showed up on my front porch. Reverting to a four-year-old at Christmas, I squealed with delight as I snatched the package and began to tear into it. My heavens, some people use a lot of tape. Plus my knife was dull. I very nearly ripped into the thing with my teeth. But at last I tore it open.

Shiny! Pretty! My baby! My first-born. My debut novel!
There is something very REAL about finally, FINALLY holding your book in your hands. Not just a print-out of the cover art, which I’ve been carrying around with me and flashing at everyone I encountered for the last few months. No, this is three-dimensional. It looks like a book. It feels like a book. It even has words inside! MY words.
“What is an Advanced Reader Copy?”…

2014: Looking Ahead

I’ve never been one for making “resolutions” because they’re too vague. I’ve always felt “goals” offered a better chance at success. What’s the difference? A goal is something you have control over. “I want to get published in 2014” is a resolution. “I’m going to write and submit an article every month” is a goal. You may or may not get published, but you’re doing something tangible toward that intention.
It worked for me in 2013. I made a plan and stuck with it. It can work for you, too.
This year is a little different. I have my three-book contract, so I’m not working on “goals” for publishing so much as I’m following a production schedule that was made up for me by my editor, while weaving my own writing quotas into and around it. While in the past, my goals have all concentrated on writing and submitting to different markets, this year I’ve changed focus. And I have included some of those vague resolutions into my plans for the coming year.