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Malice Post Mortem

What a fabulous weekend. I wish I'd taken more photos, but I was too busy having fun! Therefore, I've had to steal photos from others. Let's say I borrowed them. It sounds better. Saturday was a blur of nerves and anticipation. I still hadn't slept well and was feeling the effects. Thankfully, I did lay down for a couple of hours after my book signing and dozed a little. It was enough so that I was ready for the banquet. I love this picture with my Henery Press chicks, Rachel and Erin. Besides, Rachel's sweater and lanyard discretely camouflaged my real waistline, making me look like pretty fab in my new dress! Honestly, I'm not THAT thin! The fabulous Alice Loweecey sat at my table at the banquet and posed for a buddy shot with me. Alas I did not win. The Agatha for Best First Novel went to my dear friend Terrie Moran. I'm really thrilled for her! That's the perk of becoming pals with the competition. You're happy no matter who wins. B

Malice Domestic: FRIDAY

I'm extremely sleep deprived so forgive me if I don't make a lot of sense this morning.  Friday, preparing to take on the day. Our New Kids on the Block Panel went well. I'm so honored to be included with this fabulous, witty group of women. And we really do like each other! Circle of Influence sightings in the book store. At Opening Ceremonies, we received our nomination certificates. It's really real! Today is THE DAY. Breakfast with Sisters in Crime, book signing, and tonight, the Agatha Awards banquet.  And hopefully, in between there somewhere--a nap.

Countdown to Malice: We're HERE

Martha and I said goodbye to the Mercersburg Inn after a fabulous breakfast and made the final two-hour drive to Bethesda, arriving early afternoon. Once we were checked in, our first stop was Uncle Julio's , an incredible Mexican restaurant we'd visited last year and dreamed about ever since. We were not disappointed. YUM. Back at the Hyatt, the crowds were gathering and the mystery world's biggest family reunion started kicking off, if not officially (that happen's today). Four of us Agatha Nominees for Best First Novel met in person for the first time at the bar (of course). Left to right: Me, Tracy Weber, Terrie Moran, Sherry Harris. Missing from the photo is Susan O'Brien, who arrives today. Thanks to the fabulous Dru Ann Love for taking the photo--and for telling each of us that we were going to win. #HedgingHerBets. Today the real adventures begin. My New Kids on the Block panel is at 1:00. Opening Ceremonies are at 5:00 followed by a mixer with t