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Pre-Orders, Hollywood, and Agathas, oh MY!

I delivered my 7th Zoe Chambers Mystery (Cry Wolf) to my publisher earlier this week, which means I've been freed from Book Jail. At least for the moment. There has been a lot going on so let me catch you up.  Old news, but in case you missed it, Uneasy Prey (Zoe Chambers #6) is available for preorder! Depending on your preference, you can order it on Amazon , through Barnes and Noble , Kobo , or iTunes .  In addition to the usual business of writing and selling books, I received an interesting email last month. A Hollywood film company has expressed interest in adapting my Zoe Chambers Mysteries for a series of TV movies! Once I determined that it wasn't April Fool's Day and indeed, none of my jokester friends were pulling a prank on me, I did a little squealing and happy dancing! Now though, my feet are firmly back on the ground. Most likely, nothing will come of this, but it's a heckuva lotta fun imagining who would play Zoe and Pete. Who do you see in those