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Ride 'em Cowgirl!

Horseback riding opportunities have been sparse of late, so when my friend Stephanie invited me to come riding with her on her farm in BeaverCounty (about an hour north of me—when I don’t get lost), I jumped at the chance. The second the heat wave broke and the monsoons stopped, we made a date. Tuesday, I printed out directions, punched the address into my GPS, and headed out.
Beaver County, Pennsylvania is beautiful. Lots of woods and big hills. Rugged and rustic. 
I used to have family up there. My parents used to take me to visit when I was a kid. Some areas are vaguely familiar. Others, not so much. Yes, I got lost. Thankfully, my new GPS doesn’t growl, “Recalculating!” every time I make a wrong turn. I would have heard it a LOT.
I finally arrived, only about 15 minutes later than planned.

Stephanie brought Jonas, who was to be my mount, in from the field. He’s a big (BIG!) flea-bitten rose gray off-the-track Thoroughbred who’s been trained for dressage and has power steering a…

Woody the Woodpecker Comes to Call

One afternoon, very early in our trip out west, I received a text from my friend Sara, who was checking on Skye and Kensi back at home. Just receiving a text from her sent me into a panic. The opening lines of it did little to calm my nerves.
I don’t know if you can receive texts or if they cost extra, but I figured it was the fastest and easiest way to reach you…
Oh, my God.
The kitties are fine…
But what do I do about the woodpecker???
To which I texted back, “WHAT WOODPECKER?”
I was picturing Woody loose in my house with the cats trashing the place trying to catch the laughing little fool.
Sara assured me the woodpecker was on the OUTSIDE of the house, so I didn’t think much more about it. We’ve had them drum on our log house before from time to time.
I put the whole woodpecker issue out of my mind. Until the morning after we returned home. Then I took a stroll around the house…and nearly fainted.
We’ve battled bore bees AKA carpenter bees for years…