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Go West: Heading Home

Sunday, June 16, 2013 My soul may have completely fused with the southwest, but my body—especially my sleep habits—never really made the switch from Eastern Time. I awoke at 3 AM and stayed that way. I dragged myself out of bed at 5 AM. The atmosphere at Leta’s house was subdued with both of us battling tears. And failing miserably. Hubby and I loaded up the Edge and said our sorrowful farewells. We were on the road by 7 AM. I think I wept most of the three hour drive to El Paso . I finally came to grips only to burst into tears again when I spotted the “Leaving New Mexico” sign. And again when I turned over the keys to the Edge in the airport lot. We were early and easily reached our gate well ahead of our 1:00 flight, in spite of being pulled aside during the security check for a brief inspection of my carryon bag. The mount for my GPS apparently triggered questions. But once they determined what the weird-looking item was, they waved us on with a smile. Hubby and I

Go West: Day Nine

Saturday, June 15, 2013 My biggest challenge was trying not to think about this being our last full day of our trip to the west. This wasn’t easy since we had to box up all our dirty clothes and Hubby’s fishing gear to take to the UPS store to be shipped home. A brilliant idea, by the way. No checked luggage to be lost. Or transferred if flights got mixed up, delayed, or diverted. It also meant I wouldn’t have to wash those dirty clothes until the UPS man delivered them back to my house. But I digress. Silver City is an old mining (silver, of course) town and boasts being the home of Billy the Kid. The cabin where he grew up had been razed, but a reproduction cabin, which had been used in filming the Tommy Lee Jones movie The Missing , stood in the spot. Next we toured the Silver City Museum , which had a really nice gift shop. Hubby bought me a pair of turquoise earrings that matched my necklace. Happy belated anniversary! After lunch at a Mexican rest

Go West: Day Eight

Friday, June 14, 2013 It never fails that when I have a long drive the next day, I don’t sleep well. Having a critter in our motel room didn’t help. It sounded as though a mouse had gotten into our trash. But Hubby climbed out of bed several times, turned on all the lights, and searched for the source of the rustling to no avail. A mouse, I could live with. But the thought struck me that it could be a snake. So much for sleeping. When dawn finally graced the skylights in our room, I spotted the culprit. MOTHRA. The darned thing was the size of a hummingbird! At least it wasn’t a snake. We gathered our gear, leaving Mothra behind, and checked out. The gal at the front desk turned out to be a mystery lover, and I just happened to have a spare copy of Fish Tales with me, so I personalized it to her and made a new fan. Pleased that we were actually ahead of schedule, we headed out to our vehicles only to discover that someone (not me!) had locked their keys in their truck. I w

Go West: Day Seven

Thursday, June 13, 2013 I dropped Hubby off at his new favorite fishing hole at the crack of dawn. Over the last couple of years, Leta and I had formed a habit of having coffee together each morning, and this was no different. Except that we were in the same room instead of at our computers two time zones apart. At 9:00 AM, I picked up Hubby so he could spend the day with us. The three of us set off to town. Our first stop: the Aztec Ruins , a 900 year old Pueblo Great House. This is Leta and me at the ruins. We wandered through the remains of what was 400 rooms. The Great Kiva, a reproduction of the original, which had been destroyed when the inhabitants moved on. Next, we hit the road north, back to Colorado , to explore the town of Durango . We had lunch at the historic Strater Hotel 's dining room loaded with Old West atmosphere and a ghost or two. I had a stuffed Poblano pepper that was to die for. Leta raved over the Green

Go West: Day Six

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 This was Hubby's big day. He headed out early to hit the San Juan River for his full day of fly fishing. Leta and I hopped in my Ford Edge and set out to do some sightseeing. Our first stop was the McDonald's in Aztec so I could check my email. Abe's Fly Shop and Motel was pretty much a dead zone for cell service, and while they had wi-fi, my little travel-sized Chromebook couldn't get a signal. But, hey, I was on vacation. We also met up with Leta's son. He's a local police officer, and I think he wanted to meet this weird friend of his mother's who would fly all the way from Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania to hang out. I also think I passed inspection because I'm not in jail. With Leta navigating, we headed into the Navajo Reservation and drove to Shiprock, a well known rock formation. The scenery in the opposite direction was pretty cool, too. On our way back, we stopped at Hog Back Trading Post , situated a

Go West: Day Five

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 We woke up early (as I had been doing nearly every morning—I never did completely accept that two-hour time difference), had a quick breakfast, and loaded our stuff into Donnell’s truck for the trip back to the airport. This time we weren’t catching a plane. We were picking up a rental car. Note to those in charge at Colorado Springs Airport : You need better signage directing folks to Rental Car PICK-UPs. All the signs said Rental Car Returns. In case you haven’t figured it out, I am not a frequent flyer, so I didn’t know you had to go inside the terminal for that. After we finally concluded we needed to do just that, Donnell dropped me off at the door and made a loop while I went inside to get my keys. Then she picked me up, and we headed back to the Rental Car Returns lot. At home, both Hubby and I drive Saturns. Old Saturns. With manual transmissions and cranks for the windows. On this vacation, I decided to travel through the mountains and