Go West: Day Two

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hubby and I both had one request each of our trip to the West. For him it was a day out fly fishing. We had made arrangements for that once we got to New Mexico. Anyone who knows anything about me, won’t be the least bit surprised to hear that for me it was riding a horse. I’d done some online research in the weeks before our departure, and thanks to Donnell, who took care of the legwork, I got my wish.

I had reservations for a two-hour guided trail ride at the Garden of the Gods early Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Donnell’s hubby, we found the stable.

After signing more paperwork than it takes to buy a house, I was assigned a lovely bay gelding named Zeke.

And off we went.

In Colorado, horses and riders have the right-of-way over EVERYONE else. Our lead wrangler Pete told us this repeatedly at all road crossings. I just hoped the tourists driving those roads knew the law!

The views of the mountains were spectacular, as were the incredible rock formations.

And I was about as blissed-out as a person could get. Riding a horse in the Rocky Mountains!

My ride pretty well shot the whole day. Afterwards we went back to Donnell’s house so I could wash the grit out of my hair. It’s dusty in the West!

That evening we drove through more incredible mountains to the old mining town of Cripple Creek. The views were breathtaking. 

And while it looked like we found a true Wild West town, the fact is by the time we got there, they were rolling up their sidewalks except for the casinos that make up most of the town.

We concluded the evening back at Donnell’s by sitting down to watch an episode of Longmire on demand.

Up next: Manitou Springs and a meeting with a Facebook friend!


Joyce Tremel said…
I could imagine Butch and Sundance riding down out of those rocks. So cool.
Mary Sutton said…
Such beautiful scenery. My kids would love it.
Annette said…
And the photos do NOT do it justice. The huge scope of the vistas just can't be captured in a single frame. Even a panoramic shot wouldn't do. It's something you have to see and experience to really grasp the grandeur of the West. I loved it and can't wait to go back.
Mary Sutton said…
I wonder if being on horseback would compensate for my knee. Hmmm...
Annette said…
I don't know, Mary. My knees are bad BECAUSE of all my years on horseback. Have you ever noticed how bow-legged I am? I wasn't born that way! LOL!

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