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Cover Letters and Queries

I’d complain about it being a crazy busy week, but I fear I’d sound redundant. Life has been frantic all summer. And we simply will NOT discuss how much I did or did not accomplish on the to-do list I mentioned on Monday. Let’s just say it’s leeching over into my weekend and leave it at that. This morning, I put my query writing skills to use by composing a kick-ass cover letter to go with Hubby’s job resume. It’s something I’ve meant to do for a while now, but he never thought to ask, and let’s face it, if you don’t nag me about these things, they tend to get pushed to the bottom of that very long list. But a job opening has come to our attention that required one, so it was time. I’ve concluded that writing a cover letter for a resume isn’t far removed from writing a query letter for a story. Except instead of pitching the key elements of a novel or an article, I was pitching the capabilities of my husband. And just like writing from a character’s POV in fiction, I was writing this

Spare Time?

There is a general assumption that if you work from home, you have plenty of spare time. If you are one of those who makes such assumptions, let me just say…STOP IT. Here is a sampling of what’s on my agenda for this week. Today: Post reminders about Thursday’s Pennwriters meeting to the area Yahoo group (done). Post critiques to online critique group (done). Write a blog post (in progress). Laundry (in progress). Read the latest class from an online workshop I’m taking. Return phone call to my new Avon District Sales Manager. Call the dentist office to make appointments for me and Mom. Start work on an article for Sisters in Crime. Work on a proposed article for Pennsylvania Magazine . Work on Chapter Two of new manuscript. Help Hubby with job search online. Tuesday: Anything that didn’t get done yesterday. Get blood work done. More laundry. Inventory, invoice, and package Avon delivery (This will take almost half the day). Read chapters for two critique partners. Get to work on lo

Working Stiffs on the Range

I'm over at Working Stiffs today with the rest of my photos from the weekend.

A Hot Weekend-Part One

Photo Friday just slid by this week. Lack of pictures wasn’t the issue. Lack of time, on the other hand… So exactly WHAT has been keeping me so busy, you ask? Friday night I headed to Oakmont and the Mystery Lovers Bookshop for a hot night with Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner. It was the first time I’d met either of these ladies. I always love to see standing room only at an author event. Saturday, there was the Battle of the Barrel. I was covering it for our local online community news network. What a blast! Steamy, hot 90 degree weather, but a ton of water to keep everyone cool. The big problem was keeping the camera dry! Sunday, our Sisters in Crime group gathered for another Firearms 101 workshop. I haven’t uploaded those photos yet, so check back.

Summer Musings

I’ve completed the first chapter of my first draft of my current work in progress. We could argue about what a “first draft” really is, since I’ve rewritten the first chapter at least six times. But it’s too hot to argue. Suffice it to say, I’m ready to move on to chapter two. Brightly colored sticky notes map out the first act on my closet door…my version of outlining. The new manuscript is officially under construction. Meanwhile, my garden is exploding. Heat and rain have resulted in an abundance of zucchini and cucumbers. The onions are doing well, the beans are in blossom, and carrot tops battle the weeds. But it’s those zucchini and cucumbers that are keeping me on my toes. If I miss picking them even one day, that cute little squash turns into a green ball bat. What to do with them all??? Yes, I could can pickles. And I could bake zucchini bread and stash it away for later. But both of those tasks create heat. A LOT of heat. Have you ever canned? I used to. But the universe h

Photo Friday: Robins and Wasp

My question is this: Are these robins (who are nesting right outside my office window) screaming at the sight of the wasp? Or are they contemplating having him for lunch? And I don't mean as a guest.

Working Stiffs Wednesday

It's my day to blog at Working Stiffs and July's theme is summer. Most of the other Stiffs have been sharing vacation exploits and photos, but other than our journeys to Confluence, we aren't taking a vacation this year. So instead, I've offered a photographic tour of my rural world .

Photo Friday on Saturday: Moochie

Meet Moochie I fear I'm stuck with him. He belongs to the neighbors, but started hanging around here last winter, romancing Skye through the front window and socializing with the Katz Family in the barn. Now the Katz Family are all gone (vanished one by one...we fear coyotes), but Moochie remains. He spends more and more time on our front porch, waiting for someone to come out and cuddle him. I keep trying to remind him that he lives next door, not here. But with a face like this (even with the scars and bite marks from being beaten up TWICE by some stray), it's hard to shoo him away.

The Versatility Award

Apologies are in order. I try to post something here two or three times a week, but life has been a tad hectic. Nothing horrendous, mind you. Not even anything grand and wonderful. Just hectic. Last week, fellow blogger Clarissa Draper tagged me with The Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve been attempting, since MONDAY, to fulfill the requirements of that award. Well, you can see how well I’ve done. So I’m delaying Photo Friday until Saturday in order to accept my award and pass it on. First, let me thank Clarissa for the honor. Since this blog is as much about the “etc” part of the title as it is about writing, I guess a versatility award fits pretty well. Now, I must share 7 things about myself. Preferably without putting you all to sleep. 1. I sob uncontrollably when an animal dies in a movie. Forget the whole disclaimer about “no animals were harmed during the filming,” I still implode in a puddle. I can watch movies about war and serial killers and I’m fine. Just don’t expect to s