The Versatility Award

Apologies are in order. I try to post something here two or three times a week, but life has been a tad hectic. Nothing horrendous, mind you. Not even anything grand and wonderful. Just hectic.

Last week, fellow blogger Clarissa Draper tagged me with The Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve been attempting, since MONDAY, to fulfill the requirements of that award. Well, you can see how well I’ve done. So I’m delaying Photo Friday until Saturday in order to accept my award and pass it on.

First, let me thank Clarissa for the honor. Since this blog is as much about the “etc” part of the title as it is about writing, I guess a versatility award fits pretty well.

Now, I must share 7 things about myself. Preferably without putting you all to sleep.

1. I sob uncontrollably when an animal dies in a movie. Forget the whole disclaimer about “no animals were harmed during the filming,” I still implode in a puddle. I can watch movies about war and serial killers and I’m fine. Just don’t expect to see me in the theater for something like Marley and Me. Ain’t gonna happen.

2. Although I come from a long line of farmers, I am the worst gardener in the world. The vegetable garden looks great only because of my hubby. My domain is the flower beds, which, this year, are still loaded with weeds. And oregano. You can’t kill oregano.

3. I can’t swim. I almost drowned in Deep Creek Lake when I was six years old, and I still panic at the thought of putting my head under water.

4. I love chocolate malt shakes and hot fudge sundaes. If you see me at an ice cream shop looking undecided, it’s because I have a hard time choosing between those two.

5. Speaking of chocolate (my favorite addiction), I once went off the stuff for almost a year. Why? I have no idea. But like a true addict, when I sampled one tiny piece, that was it. I’ve been a devoted chocoholic ever since.

6. My biggest fear is not heights, but rather falling. I can stand at a window in a tall building and look around in awe. But set me on a cliff with no safety rail and I break out in hives.

7. My second and third biggest fears are big spiders and any size snake. Which is second and which is third depends on which of those creatures I’m faced with at the moment. And referring back to #1…that movie avoidance thing doesn’t apply to arachnids or reptiles.

Are you asleep yet? No? Good.

Now I’m supposed to pass this award along to 15 other blogs. FIFTEEN? Sorry, I’m breaking that rule. Instead, I’ve decided I like Clarissa’s idea of why don’t we just pass it along to one? I can manage that. And the one I choose is…

We Love It, Don’t We?

Tag, Sara. You’re it!


Sara said…
Ah! The pressure! :)

Thanks, Annette! And I liked your list. Good to know you can be bribed with many forms of chocolate, lol ;)
Jemi Fraser said…
Chocolate is always good!

I'm the same with movies and books and animal deaths - why do they have to do that to them??? Still have a hard time with Bambi.. don't get me started on Ol' Yeller!
Annette said…
Yep, I will do just about anything for chocolate. Especially Lindor Truffles or anything from Sarris.

Jemi, my parents scarred me for life by taking me to see Old Yeller at the drive-in when I was little. I don't remember much about the movie because I spent most of it hiding under the dashboard of my dad's DeSoto.

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