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New Year, New Look, New Goals

Once again, I’m choosing to create a list of goals rather than a list of resolutions for the New Year. But first, a quick look back. I had two dreams for 2012. One was to see my book in print. The other was to take a trip out west. Neither one happened. So much for dreams. My goals worked out a little better. I did finish my rewrite. I did propose some new articles to Pennsylvania Magazine . On the downside, The Agent decided she wasn't the right one for me and that I needed an agent in New York . Unfortunately, the New York agents didn’t like the manuscript near as much as The Los Angeles Agent did. And my editor at Pennsylvania Magazine wasn’t bowled over with my story ideas. So neither of those two things worked out so well. But I did my part. On the other hand, I successfully returned to my treadmill and workout routine and lost over 15 pounds. Yay, me! In recent weeks, I’ve been pondering the coming year and what I want to accomplish. And how I can ge