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The Return of Hope

Last week, I experienced one of the high points of the last twelve months. Granted, I've had some wonderful things happen to me over the last year--a new agent and a new contract key among them. But last week, I got my first dose of the COVID vaccine. I broke down and wept when my husband and I received our appointment confirmations. I wanted to hug the gentleman who administered the shots. I didn't. Social distancing and all. But I thanked him profusely.  A weight has been lifted. There's a light at the end of this long dark tunnel. I have hope. Hope that I can spend time with my family soon. Hope that I can visit with friends this summer. Hope that I can travel and do in-person book events this fall.  Hope. And I hope, if you haven't already received the vaccine, you'll get it SOON. 

Continuing Adventures in Indie-Publishing: Available for Pre-Order!

It's been a stressful week. After much procrastination, I buckled down and started the actual process of publishing Death by Equine . I confess my stress levels were off the charts. This was all new to me. I didn't know what I didn't know. Thankfully, I left myself plenty of time to allow for "bugs." And I have some amazing friends in the writing community who offered answers and advice.  My release date is May 11. My goal has been to have it up for pre-order by March 11 (TODAY), and I've met that goal. The part I hadn't anticipated is that I can only offer digital for pre-order. The print book is uploaded and ready, but when I clicked "publish," it went live! And the version of the manuscript is still in uncorrected proof stage! Ack! So I pulled the plug. At least I know it's ready to go once I complete my final proofread and make the fixes. Want to pre-order? For Kindle, click here . To order in one of the other digital platforms (Nook, App


I had hoped to have Death by Equine ready for publication by now. I had hoped to be able to list it available for pre-order by the first of next week. Alas, I'm running behind. My reasons (excuses) are numerous, beginning and ending with yet another round of Covid Distraction.  A year ago, when the pandemic began, I lacked focus, motivation, and creativity. Lots of us were in that boat. By autumn, I'd regained my ability and passion to write. Lately, it's once again become a struggle. Add Cabin Fever and Spring Fever to the mix and you have one frustrated author.  I have moments of eagerness and hope. A third vaccine. Lower case numbers. Maybe my husband and I will get our vaccinations sooner rather than later. Part of my brain begins to plan trips in anticipation.  Even a weekend at Lake Erie, a mere 3-hour drive, sounds amazing. But I can't let myself get too excited. Focus. I must focus.  That means continuing to run through one more round of revisions on Death by E