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Software Pains

I'm feeling more "at home" with the new computer. There's even cat hair accumulating on the keyboard. But not everything is completely comfortable yet. I'd complained earlier about Tweetdeck. It seems the app was bought out by Twitter who promptly removed nearly all the features I loved about it. I still have the old version on my laptop, so any tweeting you see from me will have been sent from there.
I'm having other software pains. My old 2001 version of Microsoft Picture It Publishing, which I'd saved from my very first computer (Windows ME edition AKA Bluescreen Hell), is no longer compatible. This does not make me happy. I used that old program a LOT. Made all my address and return address labels on it. Made business cards and brochures on it. Made greeting cards on it. Now I have to find something compatible. Suggestions anyone???
The other program I lost in the move was QuickStory, which is no longer manufactured. Yeah, it looks like you can buy …

Double Dose

At the end of this month, Working Stiffs is closing its doors after six years. All of us are having an emotional time saying goodbye. Today it's my turn.

But that's not the only place you can find me blogging today. I'm also Becky Levine's guest, and I'm sharing my thoughts about critique groups.

Moving Day

Last week I told you about my computer refusing to start. At that point I was still waiting to hear from my cousin. 

It’s a wonderful thing, having a computer doctor in the family. Unfortunately, Sean had only minimal success resuscitating my ancient machine, and then only after restoring it to its original state. Which means we wiped seven year’s worth of files off the thing. Don’t panic. We saved everything onto a flash drive first.
Sean said I might still be able to use the computer. The dying hard drive MIGHT last another year. Or it might crash later this week. Plus I’d have to reload any files and programs I wanted to use onto it.
Well, hell, if I’m going to reload files and programs, I’m gonna do it on a new machine. Sentimentality be damned.
The new computer arrived yesterday. It’s shiny and black. Okay, so was the old one. THIS one works. That makes it beautiful in my eyes.
This is actually my fifth new computer (third desktop, plus two laptops over the years), so I knew I’…

The Quest for Normal

I get entirely too attached to the mythological concept of “normal.” I’ve even blogged about finding a “new normal” when life situations change. I must stop this quest. I swear the universe rises to the occasion every time to squash my efforts.
Hubby started yet another new job last week. The good news is he actually LIKES this one. I’m ecstatic. He’s happy. Life is good.
Except that I’m eagerly anticipating settling into a routine. And it hasn’t happened.
For the last two weeks, I’ve been kitty sitting for my nephew and niece while they’re on vacation. I love those cats like they were my own. But it takes a chunk out of my day to drive out there, feed, water, clean litter boxes, and—this time—give meds. Plus a little play-with-the-kitten time. My duties were supposed to end on Sunday when the family returned home. I was looking forward to life getting back to normal. Unfortunately, their flight was cancelled and they can’t get another one until tomorrow. Kitty duty continues.
Oh, w…

Working Stiffs Wednesday

I'm at Working Stiffs today with a post about a kitty crime. Actually, it's about my recent adventures in pet sitting, but I had my crime fiction writer hat on at the time.