The Quest for Normal

I get entirely too attached to the mythological concept of “normal.” I’ve even blogged about finding a “new normal” when life situations change. I must stop this quest. I swear the universe rises to the occasion every time to squash my efforts.

Hubby started yet another new job last week. The good news is he actually LIKES this one. I’m ecstatic. He’s happy. Life is good.

Except that I’m eagerly anticipating settling into a routine. And it hasn’t happened.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been kitty sitting for my nephew and niece while they’re on vacation. I love those cats like they were my own. But it takes a chunk out of my day to drive out there, feed, water, clean litter boxes, and—this time—give meds. Plus a little play-with-the-kitten time. My duties were supposed to end on Sunday when the family returned home. I was looking forward to life getting back to normal. Unfortunately, their flight was cancelled and they can’t get another one until tomorrow. Kitty duty continues.

Oh, well.

I decided to at least try to have a “normal” afternoon, tackling some of my writing to-do list after lunch today. I fired up my old workhorse computer. And it died. Black screen. White letters. A Windows root file is corrupted. Please reinstall.

Surely, you jest. People think I’m a computer wiz. I am NOT. The files I’d planned to work on were on that computer. Yes, they’re backed up on Carbonite, so I’m not completely freaked out. But I can’t do anything on that computer right now. As I write this, I’m waiting for my cousin, the REAL computer wiz, to call me and try to diagnose and fix the problem. If he pronounces it unfixable, I’ve already picked out a new PC online.

The point is THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Spending a day computer shopping online wasn’t on my to-do list. Losing days of work while I get a new computer up and running isn’t on my to-do list. It would be sooo much easier if we can just fix the old one. Life could go back to NORMAL.

In the meantime, I’m using my laptop. Twice today it blue screened. A friend on Facebook called it “passing out.” I like that. My computer fainted. Annoying, but at least it restarts.

But it isn’t NORMAL.

What IS normal? I wish I knew.



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