Moving Day

Last week I told you about my computer refusing to start. At that point I was still waiting to hear from my cousin. 

It’s a wonderful thing, having a computer doctor in the family. Unfortunately, Sean had only minimal success resuscitating my ancient machine, and then only after restoring it to its original state. Which means we wiped seven year’s worth of files off the thing. Don’t panic. We saved everything onto a flash drive first.

Sean said I might still be able to use the computer. The dying hard drive MIGHT last another year. Or it might crash later this week. Plus I’d have to reload any files and programs I wanted to use onto it.

Well, hell, if I’m going to reload files and programs, I’m gonna do it on a new machine. Sentimentality be damned.

The new computer arrived yesterday. It’s shiny and black. Okay, so was the old one. THIS one works. That makes it beautiful in my eyes.

This is actually my fifth new computer (third desktop, plus two laptops over the years), so I knew I’d better clear my schedule before I took it out of the box.

As soon as I powered it up, it took over the set-up. I sat back and watched, clicking OK when prompted. Next it downloaded updates. Finally it was ready to go. I immediately started trying to turn it back into my old computer. I installed my favorite programs, crossing my fingers that none of them would blow a raspberry at me and tell me I’d installed them on one too many machines. All went well. I downloaded Google Chrome and Tweetdeck. Chrome is fine, but have they changed Tweetdeck? It’s different on the new computer than it is on my laptop and my old computer. I hate learning curves. I have enough of that to deal with on Facebook.

With most of my programs installed, it’s now time for the heavy lifting. Moving day! I’m transferring all my files and folders from the flash drive to the new computer.

It’s not unlike moving from one house to another. The flash drive is the moving van full of all my treasures.

And a lot of crap.

I’ve been in my current house for almost 30 years. I’d hate to have to move. It’s the same with this new computer and that flash drive. Why on earth did I save all that stuff? I’m a virtual hoarder. Never delete a file. I might need it someday!

Except I don’t want all that old trash in my bright and shiny new computer!

So my task for today (and probably tomorrow and the next day) is to sort through it all. Copy what I really need onto the new computer. And then what? Delete the rest from that flash drive? Or leave it there, stashed in a drawer? I’m a computer version of the person who rents storage units because they don’t want that junk in their house, but they’re afraid to get rid of it!

But at least flash drives are smaller and cheaper.


Mary Sutton said…
I have an external hard drive full of crap "I might need again some day." But I know how you feel. When I bought my MacBook I hated the thought of loading it up with oodles of files again. I've been (mostly) successful at keeping it clean. Mostly.
Becky said…
I have two computers sitting in the basement because I'm afraid I might loss something important, personal or sentimental. Dan made alot of cute things on that first machine. Doing what he does best graphic design. And of course they still work and I might need one. Who is going to need a computer from 1994? One day they will go to The Goodwill. Somehow they rescue them for charity. By the time I'm ready to let go there may be three. Lets face it I'm a hoarder. But not to the point where they can put me on a TV show.

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