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And the Winner IS....

The votes have been tallied and it wasn't even close. The winner by a landslide is #4. Thanks to everyone who voted and voiced an opinion...especially the flattering ones!

A New Face

I've been hearing over and over lately that I need to get new headshots done. People who only know me from my online presence complain when they meet me that I don't look anything like my picture. Hmmm. Is that good or bad? I'm still not sure. However, the fact that I now wear my hair a lot longer than I used to is a fact I can't deny. The problem with new photos is...well, I'm older than I was when I had those last ones done. If I could get away with posting a picture of me when I was 25, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Seriously, inside my head, that's still what I look like. Outside? Not so much. But I caved in this weekend. After shooting over 60 frames, I came up with four that I like. So I'm posting them here and asking for a vote. Which ONE photo should be my new "face" for my online persona? Choice #1 Choice #2 Choice #3 Choice #4 Leave a comment with your favorite. Okay, I get to make the final decision, so this

My New Baby

Two years ago, after procrastinating for entirely too long, I had my web designer create a whole new website for me. I wanted it to reflect my “new” mystery series about a small town paramedic/deputy coroner. Yes, the one I wrote about in my last post: The Next Big Thing. But then, just when the new design was ready to go live, I was drawn back to the racetrack mystery by an interested agent. After a rollercoaster ride that I wouldn’t have traded for the world, it looks like the racetrack story is going back into the drawer. At least for a few months. I’m back to querying agents for the paramedic mystery. Therefore, at long last, it’s time for the new website. Earlier this week, it went live and I couldn’t be happier with it. If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you’ve probably already heard me crowing about my new baby. But in case you haven’t seen the new yet, please take a look. I plan to do another minor update (new autho

The Next Big Thing...

Sometime recently, my dear friend Joyce Tremel contacted me about taking part in a blog chain called The Next Big Thing. I was up to my eyeballs in planning the Choices and Challenges of Modern Publishing Workshop for Pennwriters, and the date she gave me was AFTER the workshop, so I said “okay.” The workshop was Saturday. Oops. The blog was supposed to be up Monday. Some day I’ll learn. But better late than never, so here goes. First off, be sure to check out Joyce’s blog for her Next Big Thing . I’ve read part of this book. It’s fabulous! What is the working title of my book? Circle of Influence . Where did the idea come from? A few years ago, a neighboring community was dealing with something of a political brouhaha when a local official got power-hungry and started throwing his weight around. The citizens were in an uproar and the police had to be called in to escort the politician from the meetings for his own protection. It was in all the

Better Late Than Never...I hope

If you're checking in here looking for my Next Big Thing post, I apologize. I'm running late after preparing for  and hosting Pennwriters Choices and Challenges of Modern Publishing conference this past Saturday. It was great to work with Jane Friedman , CJ Lyons , Nancy Martin , and Susan Meier . But in the process I seem to have overlooked the fact I was tagged and supposed to participate in this blog chain...TODAY. So check back on Wednesday. I promise to have something ready by then.