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Ready for Malice!

Last week I did something that happens about once a year and which provides a ridiculous amount of joy in my (and any writer's) life. I typed THE END. Of course, the next book isn't "done" by any stretch of the imagination. But the first draft is. There are still rewriting and revisions galore ahead of me, but the bones of the story are there. The other good part is the timing. Now I can take this week off to prepare for and attend Malice Domestic. Malice is one of the big mystery conventions out there. Taking place annually in Bethesda, Maryland, it's the home to the Agatha Awards. I'm not in the running this year, but I have good friends who are. I get to relax and cheer them on. Here are a few photos from recent past Malices. My New Kids on the Block panel from 2015 for Best First Novel nominees: My nomination certificate. Still love that handbag with my book cover on it: Before the banquet with my editors, Rachel and Erin: Biggest Aweso

More Cat Problems

Remember this photo from my previous post? Well, it now gives me chills. I'm not going to go into the long version of the story here because I'm guest blogging at Jungle Red Writers in a couple of weeks and will share the whole ordeal there. Suffice it to say, cat slaves, do NOT, under any circumstances, bring lilies into your house. While I only let Kensi near the bouquet briefly for that photo and then placed it in a spot where I knew she couldn't get to it, once the flowers wilted, a few petals made their way onto the floor. And into Miss Nosy's mouth. She was hospitalized for two day complete with IVs and meds to save her kidneys from failing. It was horrible for her and for me. The story has a happy ending though. She's home and over the trauma. You think she was spoiled before? HA!