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R.I.P. Officer Scott Bashioum

Yesterday I stood at the edge of the street in Houston , PA and paid my respects to a fallen hero. And to all the living ones who came from near and far to honor him. I never met Scott Bashioum, although considering we lived in the same community, I feel certain we must have crossed paths at some point. Shopped in the same stores. Attended the same functions. I know we shared many of the same friends. On November 10, he made the ultimate sacrifice. Yesterday, thousands of the people he worked to protect sacrificed a little of their day to stand in silence as Officer Bashioum was escorted through the county and towns we shared to his final resting place. A few of observations that can’t be captured in photos: When I first arrived, parking in the same lot I used to use when I taught yoga in this town, families and kids played in the patch of grass between the lot and the street. They laughed and tossed Nerf footballs. It was almost a carnival atmosph

Cover Reveal: No Way Home

The fabulous Dru Ann Love reveals the cover of my next Zoe Chambers Mystery, NO WAY HOME today at Dru's Book Musings! Click HERE to check it out!

A Rough Week

I confess. This has been a rough week on many levels. First, the election. I know. We’re all sick of hearing about it, so I’ll be brief. It didn’t go the way I’d hoped. Losing an election is nothing new to me. Not my first rodeo. But this is the first time the loss has left me sick and terrified. Beyond that, all I’m going to say right now is I’m working on some ways to do what I can to make this angry world safer for those who now find they have targets on their backs simply because they’re different. Or because we’re women. More on that another time. Secondly, I’ve had my mom admitted to hospice care. While that term sounds scary, I think it’s going to be one of the best moves I’ve ever made. The team is fabulous. I’ve met or spoken with all of them. They’re as determined as I am to keep Mom comfortable and to give her as much quality of life as possible under the circumstances. Still, it’s one of those steps that make me get in my car, sit behind the wheel, and cry.