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Life Changes

I’ve been totally off kilter the last few months. My mom…feisty, independent, tough-as-nails...has taken a major hit healthwise. Only a few months ago, she was outside, leaving her cane behind, scrubbing down her house and trimming her shrubs. Now, with no solid explanation, she’s wheelchair bound, unable to walk without a lot of assistance. As I last wrote, she’d been in the hospital for almost two weeks. She was doing pretty well at home afterwards…until she fell. Nothing was broken, but she sort of came apart at the seams on a lot of levels. She’s been in a nursing facility ever since, getting PT and OT. But she still can’t get back to walking on her own. She’s also not so bad off that they can keep her much longer. This according to the insurance company, which of course, runs the show. Don’t get me started. Anyhow, once my upcoming book tour concludes, Mom will be moving in with us. Three adults and two cats in a very small house. It’ll be interesting. I may be de