Photo Friday on Saturday: Moochie

Meet Moochie

I fear I'm stuck with him.

He belongs to the neighbors, but started hanging around here last winter, romancing Skye through the front window and socializing with the Katz Family in the barn.

Now the Katz Family are all gone (vanished one by one...we fear coyotes), but Moochie remains. He spends more and more time on our front porch, waiting for someone to come out and cuddle him.

I keep trying to remind him that he lives next door, not here. But with a face like this (even with the scars and bite marks from being beaten up TWICE by some stray), it's hard to shoo him away.


Mason Canyon said…
You gotta love him. He's a adorable.

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Annette said…
He is indeed adorable. And he has the personality of a Yellow Lab puppy. "I love you I love you I love you. Pet me Pet me Pet me."

If hubby weren't unemployed and money weren't such an issue, I'd drag him off to the vets and get him neutered and innoculated without batting an eye. I just can't take on full responsibility for another cat right now. Besides, since the early blush of romance has faded, Skye now considers him an interloper and is deeply jealous. She smells him on me and gives me that "You don't love me anymore" look.
Jemi Fraser said…
What a cutie! :) No wonder you're having a hard time shooing him away.

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