Cover Letters and Queries

I’d complain about it being a crazy busy week, but I fear I’d sound redundant. Life has been frantic all summer. And we simply will NOT discuss how much I did or did not accomplish on the to-do list I mentioned on Monday. Let’s just say it’s leeching over into my weekend and leave it at that.

This morning, I put my query writing skills to use by composing a kick-ass cover letter to go with Hubby’s job resume. It’s something I’ve meant to do for a while now, but he never thought to ask, and let’s face it, if you don’t nag me about these things, they tend to get pushed to the bottom of that very long list. But a job opening has come to our attention that required one, so it was time.

I’ve concluded that writing a cover letter for a resume isn’t far removed from writing a query letter for a story. Except instead of pitching the key elements of a novel or an article, I was pitching the capabilities of my husband. And just like writing from a character’s POV in fiction, I was writing this letter from Hubby’s POV. Which is a bit of a laugh. I’m the wordsmith. He’s the strong, silent type. A man of action rather than words.

Oh, well. If the cover letter produces an interview, he’s on his own. I can only do so much.

I’ll be punching up my own query writing skills in the coming month. I’m taking an online class on query packages taught by the wonderful C.J. Lyons for Pennwriters. If you’d like to join, click here for more information.

As far as I’m concerned, writing queries is easy…unless I’m writing one for myself. I can help tweak someone else’s letter, but finding the right combination of words to sell my own manuscript is another matter entirely.

With any luck, I’ll not only learn how to properly pitch my manuscript, but I may be able to punch up Hubby’s cover letter in the process.


Jemi Fraser said…
Good luck to your hubby with the job!

Query letters can drive me completely batty! Maybe we should all write each others :)
Annette said…
Thanks, Jemi.

I've actually tried that. The problem is while they might write an excellent query letter, it doesn't really sound like MY book.
Joyce said…
I did my hubby's cover letter and resume, too. Heck, I did the entire job search. He'd come home from work and I'd tell him where he applied that day.

My query letter has been revised at least a hundred times. And every time I send a query, I revise it again.

Annette, I've seen at least one incarnation of your query, and it was very good.
Annette said…
Thanks, Joyce. A lot of that is due to your input. It's a lot closer now than it was before you jumped in and helped.

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