A Hot Weekend-Part One

Photo Friday just slid by this week. Lack of pictures wasn’t the issue. Lack of time, on the other hand…

So exactly WHAT has been keeping me so busy, you ask?

Friday night I headed to Oakmont and the Mystery Lovers Bookshop for a hot night with Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner. It was the first time I’d met either of these ladies. I always love to see standing room only at an author event.

Saturday, there was the Battle of the Barrel. I was covering it for our local online community news network. What a blast! Steamy, hot 90 degree weather, but a ton of water to keep everyone cool. The big problem was keeping the camera dry!

Sunday, our Sisters in Crime group gathered for another Firearms 101 workshop. I haven’t uploaded those photos yet, so check back.


Jemi Fraser said…
Awesome photos! What a terrific book signing that would be :)

And I love the battle of the barrel - great idea!

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