Spare Time?

There is a general assumption that if you work from home, you have plenty of spare time. If you are one of those who makes such assumptions, let me just say…STOP IT.

Here is a sampling of what’s on my agenda for this week.

Today: Post reminders about Thursday’s Pennwriters meeting to the area Yahoo group (done). Post critiques to online critique group (done). Write a blog post (in progress). Laundry (in progress). Read the latest class from an online workshop I’m taking. Return phone call to my new Avon District Sales Manager. Call the dentist office to make appointments for me and Mom. Start work on an article for Sisters in Crime. Work on a proposed article for Pennsylvania Magazine. Work on Chapter Two of new manuscript. Help Hubby with job search online.

Tuesday: Anything that didn’t get done yesterday. Get blood work done. More laundry. Inventory, invoice, and package Avon delivery (This will take almost half the day). Read chapters for two critique partners. Get to work on long-overdue website update. Goal for new manuscript: Four pages.

Wednesday: Teach private yoga class with Mom. Continue work on article for Sisters in Crime and any other items from Monday or Tuesday that haven’t been completed. Call Avon customers to arrange deliveries. Work on Pennwriters Area 3 Report for Penn Writer newsletter (deadline fast approaching). Deliver Avon orders. Goal for new manuscript: Four pages.

Thursday: Write a blog post. More laundry. Pennwriters meeting from 11:30 to 1:30. Avon deliveries while I’m out. Clip coupons and make a grocery list. Work on Pennwriters Area 3 Announcements e-newsletter for August. Goal for new manuscript: Four pages (will never happen, but I have to try).

Friday: Take Mom grocery shopping (most exhausting thing I do all week). Deliver Avon while I’m out. Try to wrap up all the loose ends from the week. There will be a lot of them. Goal for new manuscript: On a FRIDAY? Ha!

I hope to spend the weekend cleaning and de-cluttering my house. It needs it. BAD.

Add to this list assorted requests from Hubby, which these days mostly revolve around looking up websites to find if they’re hiring or printing more resumes. Somewhere “in my spare time” I want to rewrite his cover letter. The garden is exploding, so I’ll need to pick zucchini, cucumbers, and squash on a daily basis and green beans once or twice.

And this is a relatively light week. But then again, it’s only Monday.


Jennifer Shirk said…
Wow. You're going to have time to sleep, right? :)
Annette said…
Oh, I have to sleep. I run in high gear all day, but by 9PM, I hit a wall.

I did get the article assignment I was going after yesterday AND finished Chapter Two, so it was a productive day. Can't say I completed EVERYTHING on my list, but not too shabby.

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