Go West: Day Three

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday started with a much needed lazy morning, as jet lag was kicking my butt! Donnell and I enjoyed some relaxing yoga stretches and an easy lunch before heading to Manitou Springs. Our hubbies had plans of their own that involved a visit to a local fly shop.

Manitou Springs is a lovely little town nestled in the mountains. Lots of great shops and restaurants to visit. Donnell had a writing group meeting at Black Cat Books, and I had made arrangements months earlier to meet up with a Facebook friend, Gail Thompson.

Gail arrived at the bookstore just minutes before us. Once again I found myself meeting an old friend for the first time! I love Facebook!

Gail and I wandered the streets, checking out the shops, and picking up a few gifts along the way. Mostly, though, we gabbed and giggled.

There were street musicians everywhere. Most were quite good. The crowds and the entertainment reminded me of some local festivals back home. Except this was just a normal Sunday afternoon in Manitou Springs.

The hours rushed past much too fast. Gail and I said goodbye once Donnell’s meeting broke up. Then Donnell and I met up with our hubbies for dinner at a restaurant in town called the Loop.

Later that evening, when we were back at the house, I could hear my usually stressed-out hubby and Donnell’s hubby laughing and chatting up a storm in the other room, and I had to smile. I admit, I was worried about this being MY trip. MY dream. I was afraid I was dragging him along when he’d rather be at our camp in Confluence. But seeing (and hearing) him having a good time, eased my fears.

Coming up next: the most poignant moment of the trip—the Royal Gorge BEFORE the fire.  


Mary Sutton said…
That is so awesome that Ray enjoyed himself. I know that feeling of "is this trip really all about me?"

PS: Love the picture change on the blog.
Annette said…
Thanks, Mary. I'm tinkering with new looks. This probably won't be the last one.

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