Go West: Day Eight

Friday, June 14, 2013

It never fails that when I have a long drive the next day, I don’t sleep well. Having a critter in our motel room didn’t help. It sounded as though a mouse had gotten into our trash. But Hubby climbed out of bed several times, turned on all the lights, and searched for the source of the rustling to no avail.
A mouse, I could live with. But the thought struck me that it could be a snake. So much for sleeping. When dawn finally graced the skylights in our room, I spotted the culprit. MOTHRA. The darned thing was the size of a hummingbird!
At least it wasn’t a snake.
We gathered our gear, leaving Mothra behind, and checked out. The gal at the front desk turned out to be a mystery lover, and I just happened to have a spare copy of Fish Tales with me, so I personalized it to her and made a new fan.
Pleased that we were actually ahead of schedule, we headed out to our vehicles only to discover that someone (not me!) had locked their keys in their truck. I won’t name names to protect the guilty…especially since I have been guilty of this particular offense on more than one occasion. It took some time, ingenuity, and several helpful passersby to assist Hubby in breaking in to the truck. Thankfully, no permanent damage was done. And we still headed out before our originally planned departure time of 8 AM.
The nine and a half hour drive from Navajo Dam to Silver City, New Mexico offered some spectacular vistas. Leta pulled over to let us take photos several times along the road.

Hubby even got to see dozens of elk! No photo evidence, but I can vouch for it. They are impressive creatures.

By dinnertime we made it to Leta’s house on the outskirts of Silver City. At home, I have a brown thumb and manage to kill any flowers I plant. But here in the desert, flowers bloom in spite of the lack of water!

Next up: One last day of the Wild West before heading back east. 


Mary Sutton said…
The pictures are just amazing. I have a sudden urge to go to the Southwest!
Annette said…
And there's no way the photos can do it justice. You can't capture the grandeur in a small frame. Even a panoramic view wouldn't quite get it. Every time I turned around, I was saying, "WOW!"

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