Pre-Orders, Hollywood, and Agathas, oh MY!

I delivered my 7th Zoe Chambers Mystery (Cry Wolf) to my publisher earlier this week, which means I've been freed from Book Jail. At least for the moment. There has been a lot going on so let me catch you up. 

Old news, but in case you missed it, Uneasy Prey (Zoe Chambers #6) is available for preorder! Depending on your preference, you can order it on Amazon, through Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or iTunes

In addition to the usual business of writing and selling books, I received an interesting email last month. A Hollywood film company has expressed interest in adapting my Zoe Chambers Mysteries for a series of TV movies! Once I determined that it wasn't April Fool's Day and indeed, none of my jokester friends were pulling a prank on me, I did a little squealing and happy dancing! Now though, my feet are firmly back on the ground. Most likely, nothing will come of this, but it's a heckuva lotta fun imagining who would play Zoe and Pete. Who do you see in those roles? My personal preference for Zoe is Beth Riesgraf (Parker from Leverage)

And topping off the month of January, No Way Home has received an Agatha Award nomination for Best Contemporary Novel of 2017! 

I'm ecstatic! I already bought a dress for the banquet (black velvet and lace)! The awards will be presented at Malice Domestic on Saturday, April 28. Considering the competition--I'm up against the fabulous Allison Brook, Ellen Byron, Margaret Maron, and Louise Penny--expectations are low, and I'm THRILLED to be nominated and in their company! 

2018 is definitely starting off gangbusters! 


Billie Jackson said…
Make sure you leave lots of time open on your schedule to talk to them. Whether the series makes it to the screen or not, I am glad to see that they are getting recognition. It is an outstanding and unique series.

Jeanie Whitmire Jackson
Annette said…
Thank you, Jeanie!

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