Countdown to Malice: We're HERE

Martha and I said goodbye to the Mercersburg Inn after a fabulous breakfast and made the final two-hour drive to Bethesda, arriving early afternoon. Once we were checked in, our first stop was Uncle Julio's, an incredible Mexican restaurant we'd visited last year and dreamed about ever since. We were not disappointed. YUM.

Back at the Hyatt, the crowds were gathering and the mystery world's biggest family reunion started kicking off, if not officially (that happen's today).

Four of us Agatha Nominees for Best First Novel met in person for the first time at the bar (of course).

Left to right: Me, Tracy Weber, Terrie Moran, Sherry Harris. Missing from the photo is Susan O'Brien, who arrives today.

Thanks to the fabulous Dru Ann Love for taking the photo--and for telling each of us that we were going to win. #HedgingHerBets.

Today the real adventures begin. My New Kids on the Block panel is at 1:00. Opening Ceremonies are at 5:00 followed by a mixer with the Henery Press crew.

Let the party begin!


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