Malice Post Mortem

What a fabulous weekend. I wish I'd taken more photos, but I was too busy having fun! Therefore, I've had to steal photos from others. Let's say I borrowed them. It sounds better.

Saturday was a blur of nerves and anticipation. I still hadn't slept well and was feeling the effects. Thankfully, I did lay down for a couple of hours after my book signing and dozed a little. It was enough so that I was ready for the banquet.

I love this picture with my Henery Press chicks, Rachel and Erin. Besides, Rachel's sweater and lanyard discretely camouflaged my real waistline, making me look like pretty fab in my new dress! Honestly, I'm not THAT thin!

The fabulous Alice Loweecey sat at my table at the banquet and posed for a buddy shot with me.
Alas I did not win. The Agatha for Best First Novel went to my dear friend Terrie Moran. I'm really thrilled for her! That's the perk of becoming pals with the competition. You're happy no matter who wins.

But I still didn't sleep well Saturday night and was feeling a little rough around the edges Sunday morning. At least I don't think it showed too much for this picture of Joni Langevoort, Ellen Byerrum, me, and Martha Reed modeling our statement necklaces. Mine blends in with my sweater, but trust me, it's there!

Now I'm home. The clock struck midnight for this Cinderella and the ruby slippers have turned back to Muck Boots. Okay, I know I'm mixing my shoe movies, but my slippers were red, not glass. I'm back to being a hardworking writer...and my editor tells me she's very glad for that.


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