In case you’re wondering what a person does next after gaining an agent, no, I didn’t go to Disney World.

Friday, after a few rounds of the Snoopy dance, I took my mom to visit my dad in the nursing home. And then to the store. And then BACK to the store to get the bag of groceries she forgot. I get my ditziness from my mom.

Saturday, I cleaned house and helped Ray spread mulch. Woo hoo, do we know how to have fun or what? Okay, we did go out to dinner to celebrate, but in all honesty, we were going to do that anyway. Kind of a belated anniversary dinner (23 years on May 21st). After our big dinner, we went to Lowes for garden supplies. Like I said, we know how to party.

Sunday, I got the contract in an email attachment from my agent (gosh, I love to say those words…my agent). I printed two copies and carried one around all day, occasionally giggling at it. At one point, I felt fairly certain a van with guys in white uniforms carrying a net was going to pull into my driveway. They’re coming to take me away, ha ha…

Monday, I signed and mailed the contract, took mom to visit Dad, stopped at the farm market. Another big day. And since my vacation is now officially over, I taught two yoga classes. It’s been such an eventful two weeks since my last class; it was hard getting back into yoga mode. But I’ve been teaching for quite a few years now, so it came right back to me.

I still hate Boat Pose.

You know, life really hasn’t changed much.


Hi Annette: Love your blog and love your agent story even more. All the sisters are doing the snoopy dance with you!!!! Gotta do this blog thing!

JT Ellison said…
Congratulations, Annette. This is a joyous time. Celebrate!

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