Picture this...or not

The biggest news at the moment is my website. It’s up and running and I love the look of it. I’ve appreciated the comments of those who have visited and since two issues keep coming up, I thought I’d address those here.

First…there are no pictures of my book cover because it isn’t published yet. No links to let you buy it for the same reason. I do hope that when it does find a publisher and is out in print, everyone who’s asked about it will come back and buy it. Believe me, I will make it accessible for purchase when the time comes.

Second…there are no large, current pictures of me because I don’t like any of the ones my hubby has taken lately. I have lots of excuses here. He’s been working a lot of overtime, so by the time he gets home, he’s tired and I’m tired and neither of us feels like taking pictures or having pictures taken. Then there’s the heat. Don’t know where you are, but here in southwestern Pennsylvania, it has been miserable. Hot and humid. I want my picture for the website (and for this blog, for that matter) to be done outside. I fix my hair up cute and put on the make up, step outside and everything melts.

We made an effort Sunday morning, before it got hot. Took a bunch of photos, stuck the memory card in the computer, and decided that I hated the outfit. You ladies all know the battle cry: it makes me look fat.

The weather is supposed to cool off for the weekend. I will pick a different outfit and try to round up hubby for another photo session. Hard to believe that years ago, we both were professional wedding and portrait photographers. But back then we had all the studio equipment and lights and the various tricks of the trade. Now we have a couple of 35mm’s and a digital camera. And me as a reluctant model.

I’ve decided that when (not if…only positive thoughts allowed) I get the book deal, some of the advance money is going for a professional photo session. Complete with airbrushing.

In the meantime, keep watching. I will eventually add a current picture of little ol’ me to both the website and this blog.

And it darned well better not make me look fat!


JLB said…
Good luck with the picture taking - that's always a challenge for me as well. ;)

The site looks great Annette! Truly!

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