It Doesn't Take Much

Yes, I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I should. My excuse? It’s winter and there hasn’t been anything to write about other than the miserable snow and cold. And since I’ve been griping about that since early December, I figure it’s getting old.

To show how miserable this winter has been, let me tell you what just happened this morning that absolutely made my day. My darling hubby came home with the news that someone he works with is selling a really nice treadmill for really cheap. As in we-can-afford-it cheap. Did I want it, he asked. Hell yes, I want it, I replied.

Pathetic, don’t you think?

With the aforementioned snow and cold, I haven’t been getting out to walk. With the dreary, dark mornings, I’ve been sleeping in all too frequently instead of getting my backside out of bed to workout or do yoga. As a result…well, let’s just say not only don’t my skinny jeans fit, but I’m starting to fill out the fat jeans.

Plus, my mother keeps coming out of the grocery store with bakery items like sticky buns. I always thought I inherited my sweet tooth from my dad, but now I realize I’ve been hit with a genetic double whammy. However, Mom has her own method to control herself. She buys a dozen sticky buns, eats two, and then sends the rest home with me to get them out of her house.

And into mine. Where they loudly demand that I eat them.

This puts a huge crimp into my attempt to at least slow the weight gain until I can get back on the walking trails.

So it looks like I’ll be getting a treadmill. I thrilled!

And just a little depressed that it takes so little to excite me right these days.


Joyce Tremel said…
I've been trying to hit the treadmill and the weights at least 3 times a week. I don't always succeed. Last week it was twice, this week, once.

I don't really like the treadmill, although a Kindle is making it easier. I don't get quite as bored. I'd love to have an elliptical, but don't have the space--or the cash for one.
Annette said…
Oh, I don't expect to like it either. But I need some form of cardio for the winter months. And I expect my Nook to help me through the boredom, too, Joyce.

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