Office Purge

Last week’s episode of CSI freaked me out. It was about a hoarder. The house was jam packed with everything single idem that had ever come into it. Floor to ceiling. And, being CSI, there was a decomposing body and several skeletons.

Let me just say, I am not a hoarder. But I do have a few areas of clutter. Some days I have to clear a space on the kitchen table in order to eat. Stuff just seems to get dumped there, waiting to be sorted and tossed or placed in a file. Newspapers tend to collect on the old wooden chest that serves as my coffee table.

After watching Thursday’s episode, I immediately cleared both those spots. It took maybe ten minutes.

This weekend, I tackled a much more serious clutter hotspot: my office. Kensi keeps me somewhat in control here. She loves to climb on piles of papers and send them avalanching to the floor. But I had a couple of bins where papers kept getting stashed until I had time to look at them. And there were a couple of piles of manuscripts…

Okay, my office was a mess, I admit it. So I launched into purge mode. I tossed old Avon brochures. I shredded some old paperwork and forms. I pitched outdated office supply catalogs.

And I cleared out those odds-and-ends bins.

I’m pleased with the results. So is Kensi. She now has a new place to hang out.


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