Not According to Plan

As I mentioned earlier, I had grand plans for the weekend. What I didn’t mention is that the “cave” I was crawling into was our camp in Confluence. I usually get lots of work done there.

The first sign of things going awry was the news on Friday that my Kentucky Derby pick, Uncle Mo, had been scratched. But writing-wise, I was on a roll. Hubby was off doing his fly fishing thing. Both cats were napping. Life was good.

Then Hubby came back to camp complaining about his shoulder. By Saturday morning, he was totally miserable. He hadn’t been able to sleep. And when I asked him if he wanted to go home early, he said, “Yes.” Not the answer I expected, so I knew he was in serious pain.

So my writing plans went up in smoke, and we headed home.

My consolation prize was getting to watch the Kentucky Derby on TV instead of online. By post time, I’d finally made my picks: Soldat, Dialed In, and ArchArchArch. Typical of my weekend, none of them finished in the money.

I thought, well, maybe I’d get some writing done at home on Sunday. But since I was home instead of at camp, I looked around and saw cat fur tumbleweeds ambling across the floor and leaning towers of old newspapers piled on the spare kitchen chair. So while it wasn’t in my plans, I gave the house a good cleaning and decluttering.

Now, a new week begins. Or half week. The 2011 Pennwriters Conference is only 3 days away! Let’s hope NEXT weekend goes a little more according to plans.


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