Conference Countdown Continues

The clock is ticking. I'm leaving for the Pennwriters Conference Wednesday afternoon. That leaves me just under 48 hours to get everything done that needs to be done.

My workshop notes and handouts are printed and paper-clipped and stashed in my computer bag. Most of my clothes are packed...except for the items that might wrinkle. I have my copies of Fish Tales boxed and ready to go (the bookseller couldn't get them, so it's BYOB...Bring Your Own Books).

One important item that remains on my to-do list is "purchase wine." I'm in charge of picking up the wine for the speakers' goody bags, plus I've offered to donate a bottle of my favorite chocolate wine for one of the auction baskets. PLUS I expect a few friends to stop by my hotel room at some point for a wine and chocolate party, so I need a bottle of two for that.

This very important task (VIT) was on today's to-do list. I drove to the liquor store only to discover it's closed on Mondays. I would probably know this if I bought the stuff more than twice a year.

Another VIT that I did complete was updating my GPS. My maps were two-years-old. Frankly, I didn't go anywhere last year that required maps. According to "Gracie" (as in "Gracie Garmin"...when she talks too much, I tell her, "Say goodnight, Gracie" and turn off the volume), Interstate 376 near the Pittsburgh Airport was still Route 60. But I knew they'd made the changes, so it didn't matter.

However, since I'll be heading into relatively unknown territory, I figured it was time. And since I have this new computer, I had to reinstall the GPS drivers. Don't I sound techy? I'm not. I only recently found out what a "driver" was. I'd always thought it was ME behind the wheel. Or one of my dad's golf clubs. But it seems without installing the driver, the new maps refuse to load.

We're good. Drivers are installed, maps are updated, and THIS driver is ready to hit the road.



Mary Sutton said…
I wish I were going, Annette. I expect frequent updates via Twitter and Facebook!
Annette said…
Count on it, Mary!
Ramona said…
See you soon, Annette! I will bring gnoshy things to accompany the wine.
jan said…
Packing up, too. Dark chocolate and red wine...good for what ails you.
Annette said…
The diet MONDAY!

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