2017: Looking Ahead

One thing I didn't mention in my post about 2016 is the weight I've gained. I confess, I've been using food (especially chocolate) to medicate myself. One of the first items on my goal list is to get back to the treadmill, the workouts, and the yoga practice. And back to healthy eating. Hopefully, I'll be closer to my fighting weight by the time my new book hits the shelves and I hit the road in mid March.

I had a blast writing and researching the new book, No Way Home, which takes Zoe and friends to the badlands of New Mexico.

Don't worry. Zoe comes back to Pennsylvania by the end of the story. But creating this one took me AND Zoe out of our comfort zones. I hope my readers enjoy the adventure as much as I did.

I'm still working on travel plans and public appearances to promote the book. The ones I've already confirmed are listed on my website.

As for travel, I intend to take a road trip to Williamsburg, Virginia to attend the Williamsburg Film Festival (as a fan, not as a participant, although I do hope to set up a book event nearby while I'm there). I also MUST take a trip to Colorado and New Mexico to promote the book, of course. I'll make my annual pilgrimage to Bethesda, Maryland for Malice Domestic in April.

On the writing front, I'm making good progress on the sixth Zoe Chambers mystery and hope to have some other Zoe news for you in the very near future.

I'm hoping for a productive and healthy 2017, not just for me, but for all of you--my friends, family, and readers--too. And I hope to see you all in person somewhere in my travels.

Happy New Year!


Marina Sofia said…
I've been using chocolate and other food to medicate as well - plus, being on anti-depressants doesn't really help with weight problems. However, I'm off them now and, like you, planning to become more active in 2017. Exercise should be the medication of choice (but oh, it's so much less appealing).
Annette said…
Good luck with switching from chocolate to exercise, Marina. I'm thinking a LITTLE chocolate as a reward for meeting my exercise goals might help with the transition. ;-)

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