New Mexico, November 2014

My second visit to New Mexico was in November 2014. By then I knew I was going to write a book set there and decided to use the same time of year in the story, especially when I returned home from the mild southwestern days to a frigid 22 degrees back in Pittsburgh! I took well over 100 photographs that trip, so I can't share them all. Here are a few to give you a better idea of the territory and weather Zoe encounters.

Vast open spaces, amazing blue skies, and a skiff of snow that fell overnight and melted during the day.

Some of the scrub trees that dot the landscape. Nothing like the towering shade trees and dense pines we have here in Pennsylvania!

Awesome views everywhere. Rugged and wide open.

Some mountains...

...and miles and miles of FLAT. Nowhere to hide!

I've photographed Shiprock many times, from different angles. This one shows the immense openness around the rock formation.
 And then there are bluffs and canyons and barely there roads.

Next week: September 2015 when I really nailed down the prime location for No Way Home.


Billie Jackson said…
Can't wait to get my copy in my hands and be able to look at the pictures too.

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