New Mexico, June 2016

My most recent trip to New Mexico happened last summer. I had already turned No Way Home in to my editor, but it was still a research trip in the sense that I was confirming what I'd already written in case I needed to fix anything during the revision phase.

I grabbed a photo of the airport as soon as I arrived. This is where Zoe and the gang fly in and out of.

There is talk about fishing tournaments. This is the San Juan River just below Navajo Dam, a prime fly fishing area.

Zoe and Rose enlist the San Juan County Sheriff's Office in their search. This is the entrance they used.

Allison teaches Zoe about communication on the Navajo Rez. Because cell service is often non-existent and most families can't afford a landline, this radio station is one of the main sources of information.

There are many places out there where you can see forever with nothing blocking the view. No place to hide.

But there are also awesome rock formations, bluffs, and canyons.

I hope you've enjoyed sharing my research trips. And I hope you enjoy No Way Home, which releases next week on Tuesday, March 14! 


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