The Week in Review

As I wrote last month, I was starting a new proposal for a new book and new series. On July 5, I turned those three chapters and a synopsis in to my agent. By the end of that week, she returned them to me with edits. Early this week, I sent the corrections to her along with the other assorted material needed for her to create her query. On Tuesday, she started sending it out to our first tier of editors.


Which places me back in the position of waiting for the new round of rejections to roll in.


Now you may think I’m sounding defeatist. In truth, I’m anything but. What I am is a realist. I’m shooting for the stars with some of the publishers we’re targeting. This isn’t my first rodeo. I know the story and/or my writing won’t appeal to everyone. There’s no avoiding it. There will be rejections.


However, there are a few of those publishers that keep me crossing my fingers.


The other thing that kept me occupied this week was More Than Malice, a virtual conference organized to fill the void (and hopefully the coffers) of the now twice canceled Malice Domestic. I was thrilled and honored to be invited to take part.

My panel, “Nice Work if You Can Get It,” also included Hank PhillippiRyan, Tori Eldridge, Brad Thor, and Marcia Clark (of the O.J. Simpson trial fame). We recorded it a couple of weeks ago, which is good because we had some hefty storms here yesterday just prior to its airing. The whole thing was wildly fun.


And last night, the Agatha Awards were given out. You would think since I wasn’t nominated this year, I’d have been totally relaxed. But I was still on the edge of my seat, applauding the nominees, cheering my friends, and congratulating the winners.


The hugs and celebratory toasts will have to wait until next year. 


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