Let the Whining Begin

I’m never going to meet my goal in this Word Watchers Challenge.

Have any of the rest of you been singing this lament? Every day I look at my calendar, searching for an hour I could steal to work on my manuscript. Unfortunately, this week, it seems to be going the other way. Stuff comes up and I’m “borrowing” time designated for writing to tidy up the house because I have a friend coming for a visit on Wednesday for lunch. Tomorrow, I have to spend the morning taking my mom to a doctor’s appointment. Maybe I can take my laptop and get some work done in the waiting room. In the midst of preparing for company and going to doctor’s offices, I need to get the camper cleaned up and stocked for our upcoming vacation.

So, yes, I’m whining about too much to do and no time to write.

Okay, everyone who is taking part in this Word Watcher Challenge, time to leave a comment and let us know about your progress or lack of it. Feel free to whine. Or gloat.

As for me, I’m on page 82 (Goal: 150). Not bad, but not where I’d hoped I’d be by now.


Paula Benson said…

82 out of 150! That is terrific! Fantastic! Maybe you haven't met your goal yet, but you're well on the way! Congratulations!

I'm adding 8 pages to my 15 for a grand total of 23. Hmmm. Not a fourth of my 100. Yet. But, I'm progressing. I'm going to have a sizable amount of material typed into the system by the end of the challenge. Who knows? If I get really industrious, I may meet my goal.

Well, I can dream.

Yes, I agree with you. I was ready to whine today. My horoscope said I could do anything. I decided the part the horoscope left out was that I'd take twice as long to complete any task I undertook.

But, you had it right on your earlier blog, too. The only way to advance is to apply seat to chair and write. Not easy, but necessary. Sometimes downright exhausting when juggled with other obligations.


Annette said…
Paula, the numbers are deceiving since I didn't start at ground zero. I haven't added as many pages per day as I had hoped. But as you say, it is progress!

And I will continue to drive forward with the intentions of doing better in the next couple of weeks so that I can meet my goal.

Keep writing!
Joyce said…
Well, let's see...
I think I wrote a whopping 3 pages this week!

I'm in procrastination mode. I've been finding everything to do besides writing. But my house is nice and clean!

I know what I want to write and what's supposed to happen in the next couple of chapters, so I don't know why I'm putting it off.

I will state publicly that I will have ten pages finished by the end of the week. Feel free to nag.
Nancy Martin said…
Annette, you can do this!! Go, girl, go! Those pages don't have to be pristine. Heck, you can even write whole scenes of dialogue (which takes up so many lovely pages) and put the old "yada yada, insert narrative here" so you can do the painstaking descriptions and subtext later. Keep going! Sketch out scenes in longhand on a tablet.---This is a wonderfullyl satisfying technique for me because I don't think I've written much, but when it comes to inputting those sketched out scenes on the computer, a wonderfully ego-boosting number of pages magically appear. C'mon, think positively!
Annette said…
Hey, Nancy, what a nice surprise to have you visit my little blog! And thanks for the cheerleading. I've been re-reading Bird By Bird and realize I'm getting hung up on the perfection thing. I like your idea. More dialogue and work on narration later.

And Joyce, you've put it in print so you have to come through now with those ten pages for next week!

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