The Word Watchers Challenge

Back on August 1, I posted about my personal goal of reaching 150 pages by September tenth. Several of my writing friends latched onto the idea and “pledged” goals of their own. Before I quite knew what was happening, the Word Watchers Challenge was born.

Here’s how it goes: Leave a comment stating your writing goal to be reached by September tenth. It can be anything writing related from pages in a first draft, to revised or rewritten pages, to finishing a smaller writing project you’ve been putting off. One gal wants to get her character charts completed. That’s fine. As long as it’s something writing related.

No, you don’t have to post your writing efforts. You can, however, comment on your progress. Or lack thereof.

I’m keeping this as simple as possible. You don’t even have to come forward and post your goal. But it’s a lot easier to fudge on a promise that no one knows about. That’s why I put my intension in print two weeks ago. We’ll all hold each other’s feet to the proverbial fire.

There will be no prizes given out for completing your goal, except for the warm glow of knowing you did it. There will be no penalties for NOT completing your goal. I probably won’t get to my 150 pages, but I figure I’ll get further by setting my goal high, than if I leave it too low.

We can all meet back here on Monday, September 11 and compare results. In the meantime I will be cheerleading and nagging as needed. And we’ll check in every so often to report how it’s going.

Besides my goal of 150 pages, Paula has pledged 100 pages, Betty has pledged 150. Jaye is shooting for 40. Darlene is down for 20 and finishing her final evaluation for Citizen’s Academy (yes, it’s writing related). And Ruby’s on board with her own goals.

For the record, I am now on page 68. I don’t think I’m on target for my goal, but I’m making more progress than I was before I set it.

How are the rest of you doing?


Joyce said…
I guess I'll be your first victim, I mean first official poster on this entry.

I also plan to be up to at least page 175. That will be the end of Arc Two. The bad part is that I only have fifty pages to go! It's not much of a goal, but those pages will be packed with stuff, including another dead body. I want to make the mid-point of the book so exciting readers will be chewing their fingernails!
Annette said…
Hey, Joyce! Way to go! You're really going to town on this manuscript. Having only fifty pages to go isn't a bad thing. Wish I was that close to my goal.
Debby said…

I'd like to join Word Watchers. My goal is 20 pages by Sept. 10th, plus a synopsis and complete character sketches.
Annette said…
Welcome aboard, Debby! Writing a synopsis can be harder than writing the entire novel!
Mary Louisa said…
Annette, I've been lurking too long on the mmm group and thought I should come out and tell you what a great web site and blog you've put together. I'm pondering joining Word Watchers--will let you know!
-Mary (ML)
Paula Benson said…
Hurrah for the Word Watchers Challenge! So far, I'm at page 15 of my pledged 100, and I feel like I have the momentum to keep going, thanks to the encouragement of you and the other Watchers. It has really helped me to organize and get materials in a form for editing and revisions. I look forward to hearing glowing reports from all the participants!
Annette said…
Mary, We'd love to have you. It's not like your committing to anything long-term. This Word Watcher thing is kind of a lark. No membership fees, no obligation to anyone other than yourself. Heck, you can set your goals and keep them to yourself if you're shy.

And way to go, Paula!!! Keep writing!
kaylee said…
Okay, I'll go for it. I was hesitant to commit to anything until I tried backward plotting to help with writer's block this morning and managed 1653 words which ends up being equal to almost 5 and 1/2 300 word pages, with 300 words being about the length of the average paperback page. So I guess if I write every day I can safely pledge 4 pages a day and today is the 18th? so 22 x 4 is 88 pages or 26,400 words. Oh boy! How about I commit to 75 pages at 300 words a page or 22,500 words?
Betty Gordon - MMM'er said…
Annette, I have 107 so far. This combines new sheets and 39 of extensive revision. I needed this push for two short stories and one, at least, is coming together.

Thanks for this idea.


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