Slow Progress

I imagine some of you are sick of hearing about my family. I don’t blame you. My life has developed into a melodrama. But I have family and friends from out of town who check in here to keep tabs on my cousin’s progress. So here’s the plan:

Today I’m posting an update on Patty. Later in the week, I’ll be back to posting about writing or whatever (that’s why I call it “Writing, etc.”). I will then continue to post twice a week, as always, on the usual assortment of “stuff” PLUS I will throw in updates as they occur. Hopefully that will keep everyone informed without my blog turning into a family bulletin board.

Besides, I need to write about something other than tragedy for sanity sake.

Okay, as promised, here is what’s new about Patty.

I took my mom into the hospital this afternoon to see her. This was my second visit with her and Mom’s first. I was a little concerned about how my mom would react, but she was fine. After the initial “shock” of seeing my always-on-the-go cousin confined to a hospital bed with tubes and braces and such attached to her, it’s not bad.

Patty now opens her eyes. It’s debatable whether or not she is aware of our presence in the room with her. I think I saw her eyes follow her son’s finger as he moved in back and forth in front of her, but admittedly, it could be wishful thinking. The movement, if any, isn’t a lot. She does move her left arm and foot and clutched at a pillow they had propping that left arm up. She also lifted her head off the bed several inches as though trying to sit up. Physically, I have no doubt that she’s going to be fine. It remains to be seen how much brain damage there is, however. Does she know we’re there with her? Does she know who we are? How much does she remember? Those are all questions that I have no answers for yet.

The progress is slow, but it is PROGRESS. We’re all hanging onto that. And we’re trusting that our love for her will pull her through this.


kathie said…
Hi Annette,
I'm so sorry about your family's accident. It must still be startling to think about. My thoughts are with you. I came through working stiffs to get here this time and saw one of your favorite movies is Fried Green Tomatoes. I love that, too. Maybe it's time for you to rent that one and just vege out.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Annette:
Thank you for keeping us updated about Patti. She continues to be in our prayers. First: She does know you are there! A dear friend of mine named Fran experienced something similar, only it was her fiancee who perished in the car crash. Fran was in a coma for 11 months and she remembered people visiting her, crying and "lots of white coats." And she did not know anything about the accident or the loss of her love. So talk to Patti, read to her and tell you love her. She'll hear you. And we love you too. God bless all of you. Bill, Phyllis & Miss Vivian

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