Updates all around

About the time we’re ready (MORE than ready) for spring, we get a serious blast of winter. Yesterday rain turned to sleet, then to snow making travel difficult and in places, impossible. One such place was Philadelphia, home of Lisa Scottoline who was stuck at the airport and did not make it to Mystery Lovers Bookshop last night. We knew in advance, so I stayed home and read instead of venturing out into Pittsburgh’s traditional St. Patrick’s Day blizzard. The event has been rescheduled for Friday, April 13. Yes, Friday the thirteenth. Subject for a future blog.

My cousin, Patty remains in a coma. After multiple surgeries, her body has been pieced back together again, a feat that all the king’s horses and all the kings’ men could only dream about. The doctors have made assurances that she will not be a vegetable, but it’s likely that she will have to re-learn everything. And it may be months, maybe a year before we really know the extent of her brain injury.

I do have better news to report about my cat, Sammie. I took her for a check up yesterday and she has gained half a pound and the tumor under her tongue has shrunk. Dr. Barnes said it’s tiny. What a lovely word. The cat’s getting plump, the tumor isn’t. This isn’t a cure. She hasn’t beaten the cancer. But we’ve bought ourselves some time. Quality time. Right now, I’ll take it.

I have my first gum graft later this month. Yes, I said “first.” I nearly fainted when I heard the cost. (No dental coverage here). There goes my income tax refund. At nearly a grand a tooth, I have seven…count ‘em…SEVEN teeth that need gum grafts done. Including the four teeth I’d had done years ago that didn’t take. So we’re starting with ONE. After that, it will be one or two a year as I free up funds. I had other plans for that refund check, you know.

And finally, I’m up to page 278 of my first draft of Death Bet. I’m in the midst of writing the “Darkest Moment” scene. The end is near! Then begins the real work of re-writing.

There you have it. Updates on most of the events going on in my life. Bring on Spring!


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