Better Living Through Chemistry

I have one word of advice for anyone who must go through a gum graft procedure.


It’s been many years since I had that first botched graft, but the pain stands out clearly in my memory. Possibly because after Friday’s procedure, I’ve revisited it. The big difference between then and now is the pain medication. I think I remember being on prescription-strength Motrin the first time. This time the doctor wrote me a prescription for Vicodin. I spent most of Friday afternoon and evening and all day yesterday napping. It’s a good thing I didn’t have anything scheduled for those two days.

The napping was good. I’ve been sleep deprived lately and now I’m about caught up. In between Vicodin-induced snoozes, I finished reading a couple books, browsed at a writing magazine, did a miniscule amount of housework and washed a couple loads of laundry.

My cat thinks I’ve finally wised up. Sleep lots, move around a little, grab a bite here and there.

Which brings me to the eating part. Friday, eating was torture even with the pain pill. Water felt like battery acid on the roof of my mouth, which is where they took the donor “material” from. The doc left a divot there that is the biggest source of discomfort (PAIN). I managed about a tablespoon of cottage cheese before I decided I wasn’t really that hungry. For supper I whipped up a pitcher of “smoothy” in my blender. Soy milk, yogurt, a banana and a ripe pear. It took five hours to drink it, one tiny sip at a time.

Yesterday, eating was better. The cottage cheese went down smoother. Water is okay. Room temperature tea or coffee is good. Supper was mac and cheese and peas. My mouth was sore by the time I was done, but I’d had enough nourishment to sustain me for one day, I figured.

Today I’m getting back out into the world with a drive to Pittsburgh for Laura Lippman’s booksigning followed by a visit to my cousin Patty. Since I dare not tackle driving in the city while under the influence, I’m going off my pain meds. At least until I get home. Yes, it hurts, but it’s tolerable. So far.


kathie said…
Hey Annette,
I hate to say this, but aside from the pain, your two day couch bound adventure seems sort of pleasant--the reading the sleeping, the neglecting of anything other than tending to yourself. Perhaps we should all vow to do a little of that without having to go through the pain of surgery first!! Glad you're feeling better
Judy Schneider said…
Annette, I can't believe what you're going through -- and how many more grafts you have to endure. I'm cringing with your every description! (Can you tell I'm a pain-wimp?)

I hope your outing to Mystery Lovers and the hospital wasn't too much for you?? How'd it go?

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