Learning from the Masters

Most of you probably already know how much I enjoy attending book signings. As someone who hopes to be in the position one day of meeting and greeting her reading public, I think of these events as lessons. Occasionally, they are a lesson of how NOT to do an author event. But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of attending book signings by two of my favorite mystery writers who also happen to exemplify how to do one of these things the RIGHT way.

Laura Lippman came to Mystery Lovers Bookshop on Sunday afternoon, April first. This was the third time I’ve attended an event with Laura and she never fails to please. She is a wonderful speaker. I’m currently in the middle of reading her latest release What the Dead Know. It’s wonderful! I keep stealing time from my daily tasks just to read one more chapter. My advice: go out and buy and read this one NOW.

Friday the thirteenth, Lisa Scottoline finally made it to town after being forced by our lovely spring weather to reschedule. The place was packed and I once again arrived too late to get a chair, so I was with the standing part of “standing room only.” Lisa is another terrific writer and speaker. She’s funny and gracious. And she brings Tastykakes for everyone. This was my second time at one of Lisa’s events. Spend a couple minutes with her and you feel like you’ve know her forever. I haven’t started her newest book Daddy’s Girl yet, but it’s next on my reading list. I know I won’t be disappointed.

These two woman make the author event thing seem easy. They both appear relaxed and comfortable in front of their fans. They both tell interesting tales about the story behind the story. They both enjoy doing what they’re doing. Or at least, they give that impression.

Granted they both have a few books under their belts and have been doing this promotional thing a while. But, hey, if you’re going t take lessons on how to do something, best to learn from the masters, right?

So if you’re a writer with hopes of making the book signing circuit someday—or if you’re a book-lover looking for some entertainment—find and attend a book signing or other author event in your area.


Judy Schneider said…
I agree with you, Annette, these two women don't dissapoint! I've seen them both in the past (though I missed them this year) and have been impressed with their honesty, magnetism, and approachability.

I'm reading Scottoline's Daddy's Girl and enjoying it. I have to admit that, while there's not a whole lot going on, the characters have me completely engaged.

I'm glad to hear Laura Lippman's new book is good. I'll have to put that one on my TBR pile!

I'm sure when the time comes, you will do a wonderful job at your book signings. You are always poised and prepared. That's all it takes. You'll be great!
Annette said…
Bless you, bless you, bless you. I sure hope you're right, Judy.

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