Updates-May 14, 2007

It’s been a while since I posted an update on my cousin. Patty is doing remarkably well. She knows who we are now and can carry on a conversation with us. She’s been told about the crash and about her husband’s death and is understandably upset about it. But there are also signs of her sense of humor coming back. Friday, when my mom and I stopped in to visit, Patty managed to grin a time or two.

She’s eager to get out of bed and get moving, but her leg hasn’t mended enough to begin rehab, yet. But we’ve been assured that’s coming soon. This is a gal who never sat still for more than five minutes, so all this laying around and doing nothing is getting to her.

Last Monday, she went in to see the neurologist who said that with the progress she’s made in recent weeks, he’s optimistic for a full recovery. That’s the best news we’ve had in well over a year.

On the other end of the spectrum, my Sammie kitty is beginning to show symptoms of her cancer. For months I’ve been paranoid, watching her every movement, looking for problems that weren’t there. Well, I’m afraid the monster under her tongue really is waking up this time. She’s been sleeping a lot more and she’s begun to drool a bit. She’s still eating and still loves our daily brushing routine. So I’m taking it one day at a time and I’m trying to enjoy every blissful moment with my furbaby.


Judy Schneider said…
Will say prayers all around, Annette. Thanks for the update. I'm sure Patty will have a difficult time for awhile, now that she's received news of her husband's death. This is such a tragedy.

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