Changing Seasons

With Mom settled into the Health Center, doing exceptionally well with her therapy, hubby and I are seizing the opportunity to escape for a few days. It was Mom’s idea, months ago, that while she was rehabbing, we sneak in a vacation. My first reaction was, NO, I couldn’t do that…leave her there and go off to have fun. Then as time went on and Sammie passed, I thought, well, maybe.

So we’re going camping. Of course, NOW Mom is hitting me with a guilt trip, telling me how she’s going to miss me. I’m used to the guilty looks Sammie used to give me when she spotted us packing. No matter how discreet I tried to be, she knew. As sad as I am over her absence in my life, I thought I’d at least be able to take a vacation without dealing with the guilt of leaving her behind.

Instead, I get to feel guilty about leaving Mom behind. Sigh.

But I know she’ll be fine. And I’ll have my cell phone. What did we do before cell phones? I’ll tell you what we did. We escaped on vacations in ignorant bliss, assuming all would be well while we were out of touch.

Or we wasted our valuable down time worrying ourselves sick. Depends on your personality type, I guess. At least with my cell phone, as long as it DOESN’T ring, I can relax. And I can call the nurses’ station and tell them to get a message to my mother (from whom I inherited the worrier’s gene) that we made it safely to our destination.

The camper is cleaned and packed and ready to roll. I’ll post vacation photos when I return. While I will take my laptop with me in case inspiration strikes me, there is no Wireless Internet where we’re headed unless we make a special trip to Panera Bread or some such Wi-Fi Hotspot. Which could happen, but I’m not planning on it.

There will some other pictures to be posted after our return. We’re getting a new family member. I’ve filled out the adoption paperwork and plan to bring home a new kitty later in the week. Her name is Skye and I’ve had my eye on her since shortly after I lost Sammie. During our first encounter, I cried my eyes out and she rubbed all over me...or as much as she could through the cage door at Pets Mart. She’s been in the system since March and needs a home. I think we might just rescue each other.

The seasons are about to change. It’s been a lousy summer, but I’m looking ahead to a promising autumn with Mom getting around in less pain on a new hip. And with a new furbaby in my life.


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