Busy Weekend

I intended on posting something later last week, but time slipped away from me. Or to be more accurate, it raced away from at the speed of an Indy car. I hate how September rolls around and we all look at each other and ask “where did the summer go?” That happens because we over schedule our time and get so busy that we completely miss out on what summer is supposed to be. FUN.

Over scheduling is exactly what I did this weekend. And today. And tomorrow. That’s not to say I didn’t have some fun. Friday night, I attended my friend and fellow Sister in Crime, Kathryn Miller Haines’ publication party for The Winter of Her Discontent.

Kathy always has the best dressed parties. Her books are set during World War II, so her theatre group dresses the part in 1940’s attire. We were all invited to do the same. I love the 1940’s look, but I have nothing that qualifies.

Saturday, I attended my niece’s bridal shower. I haven’t been to one of those for quite a while. It was nice spending time with some family members I don’t see often enough.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at a 2009 Pennwriters Conference planning committee meeting. We accomplished a lot, but there is much to be done still. The conference isn’t until next May, but nevertheless I wonder how on earth I’ll get it all pulled together in time. Thankfully, I have a wonderful team helping me on it.

Today, I have a lunch meeting with a Pennwriter friend. We’re doing a presentation on research at next week’s meeting, so we need to decide what we’re doing. This evening I have a Sisters in Crime officers meeting. In between, I have errands to run and some shopping to do.

Tomorrow, I meet with my critique group. I need to rewrite the chapter I’m submitting for their input, but it remains to be seen whether that gets done. I plan to drag my laptop with me today and hang out at Panera Bread for a while. Hopefully, I’ll actually get some work done.

With any luck nothing will come up for the rest of the week and I can get some work done. It’s a nice fantasy, anyway.

I think I’d like to take ONE WEEK and not schedule ANYTHING for that entire week. No meetings, no appointments. Somehow I suspect it will never happen.


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