Retreat to the Retreat

Retreat has a couple of different meanings. According to my Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it can mean: an act of withdrawing esp. from something dangerous, difficult, or disagreeable.

As in the month we’ve just left behind. February. Dangerous. Difficult. VERY disagreeable.

It can also mean: a place of privacy or safety: REFUGE.

In just under two weeks, several members of my local chapter of Sisters in Crime are heading to a writer’s retreat in Confluence.

You probably know my history with Confluence, so it could come as no surprise that I’m responsible for the location: Paddler’s Lane. Beyond that, though, it’s been a group effort to put it together. Ramona Long will be in attendance to provide several workshops throughout the weekend.

I have high hopes that the snow that buried us last month is over. I have NO hopes that it will all be melted by the time we get to the retreat. It doesn’t matter. Getting away to one of my favorite parts of the state, spending time honing my craft, hanging out with my Sisters…it’s all good.

The retreat also provides me with a goal. I intend to have my second draft completed by then. That way I can take what I learn and give it another quick polish before sending it off to my first readers ASAP. So far, I’m on track. If I stick to an average of 20 pages revised per day, EVERY day until the twelfth of March, I can do it.


Jemi Fraser said…
Sounds like so much fun! Good luck with your goal :)
Mason Canyon said…
You have a goal and you're well on your way. Good luck with the goal and have fun at the retreat.
It sounds like a wonderful event! Hope you enjoy it, and best of luck with your goal.

Mystery Writing is Murder
Annette said…
Thanks everyone. It's going to require some extreme time management. I was up at 5:30 this morning so I could get my 20 pages done before heading out to a long, busy day. But I did it!

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