A Kitten in the House

Sunday afternoon, I brought Kensi upstairs to finally meet her big sister. I wasn’t sure how far the initial introductions would go, leaving it up to Skye and Kensi.

I started with Kensi in a pet carrier. Skye sniffed her.

And hissed. And growled. But retreated to observe from a safe distance.

Well, I decided, they weren’t going to get to know each other with Skye choosing to simply avoid the crate. So I opened the door and let Kensi step into a strange new world.


Skye retreated to the back of the couch to watch.

Kensi discovered toys. Lots of toys.

She started with a bit of hesitation, batting at a piece of bunny fur.

But before long, like a kid at Christmas, she dove in, jumping from one toy to another.

All these things I’ve bought for Skye and that Skye has ignored, Kensi finds delightful.

Skye still doesn’t think Kensi is delightful, though.

Kensi approaches. Skye hisses. Kensi shrugs and goes back to her play.

When she’s not playing, she watches TV. She hasn’t decided on a favorite show yet.

Every so often, she needs to recharge her batteries with a kitten nap. Much shorter than a cat nap, by the way.

And this morning, she tried on her brand new kitten collar for the first time. She likes the way the bell jingles.

Ah, life with a kitten in the house. Never a dull moment.


What wonderful pictures. I hope they become the best of friends.
Annette said…
Thanks, Jamara, So do I!
Becky said…
Is she staying upstairs for good now?
Jemi Fraser said…
Awww - they're so cute! Love the looks on their faces :)
Annette said…
Becky, she's upstairs during the day when I'm home to play referee. Until Skye quits being such a crab, Kensi will have to go to the basement at night so the rest of us can get some sleep!
Joyce said…
So cute!

We still had Shadow when we brought Layla into the house. Shadow was not happy. Layla would follow her and swat at her tail. Shadow would hiss.

Shadow was a cranky cat (kind of like me!), but I bet Skye comes around eventually.
Sara said…
Ah! How pretty she is! I think Skye is just playing hard to get. They will be thick as thieves in no time. Or eventually.

She is a doll baby!

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