Kitten Update

We’ve tackled a few more hurdles. Kensi breezed through her first veterinary visit. No bad kitty diseases. Yeah, she has worms and fleas, but I’d have put money on that. Treatment has begun for both.

She was a perfect little angel for Dr. Barnes. Received her first distemper shot and had blood drawn without making a peep. And she traveled well, too. This is important, as kitties in this household go camping.

The other hurdle we overcame yesterday was Hubby’s resistance. He can’t argue with what a nice kitty Kensi is. Nor can he argue with his stubborn-as-mule, hard-headed wife. So, with a sigh of resignation, his arguing is over.

The next big hurdle is Skye. No amount of reasoning on my part will have one bit of influence on her.

While Kensi passed the contagious disease test with flying colors, the flea issue will keep her apart from her new big sister for a while. Skye is horribly allergic to the little bloodsuckers, so the little one is confined to the basement until I’m sure she’s flea-free.


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