Photo Friday: Sisterly Tolerance

I figured I'm overdue for both a Photo Friday post AND an update on the cats, so here goes.

While it's still not sisterly love, at lease we've reached a truce of sorts. Kind of a sisterly tolerance.

And here's Skye taking a bath.
Kensi doesn't look much like a kitten any more. Still acts like it, though. And she loves having her picture taken.


Jay Speyerer said…
Kensi has the most beautiful coloring.

As for the bath, I always remember something I heard years ago. Someone was all agog at the way cats lick-washed themselves, saying, "Oh, cats are so clean." And someone else said, "Cats aren't clean. They're covered in cat spit."
Annette said…
Kensi says, "Thank you, kind sir." Actually, she says "meow" but I know what she means. And thanks for the laugh about the cat bath. So true!
Becky said…
Seem to me I read somewhere that it is something in the cat's spit that can cause allergy suffers problems not the hair & dander. But who knows. This 54 year old brain could have momory problems.
Annette said…
Not to mention memory problems. Sorry, Becky. I couldn't resist. ;-)
Becky said…
And typing & proof reading problems! Did I get it right this time? I should know better than try to play in the writers pool! LOL
Annette said…
Don't worry about it, Becky. I play in that pool every day and get busted...every day. Darned grammar police.

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